Caregiving can be one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs you'll ever have. We're here to offer information, support and care for your loved one so you have time to work or nurture your own well-being.

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Support Groups

Caregiving is one of the greatest challenges and opportunities most of us experience in a lifetime. Belonging to a support group can be a lifeline on this journey. Listening to others who are experiencing similar experiences, and sharing your feelings in a supportive, caring and confidential setting is healing and often reassuring. Members of support groups often become good friends and provide a support network. Click here for support groups in your area. 

Ten Minutes With Paula on Blogtalk Radio

Access a wide range of caregiving topics any time on Ten Minutes With Paula on Blogtalk Radio. Each week Paula Falk moderates a support group of caregivers dealing with the challenges of Alzheimer's. She's helped to provide guidance and a constant reminder to each member they're not alone, that it's okay to feel frustrated, sad, angry, but to not lose sight of their own health and mental wellness. Now insights shared through that group are available on line here.  Skip Cohen, is  the host of "Ten Minutes With Paula," and a member of the support group he and his father attended as caregivers for his mother, who had Alzheimer's. 

Many members of this support group have become good friends and provide a support network. Now, we want to share what we've learned in a series of short podcasts, each one about a tip to help you stay focused on your own health and well-being, as well as the loved one you're caring for.

Paula Falk is the Director of the Caregiver Resource Center (CRC) and Adult Day Service Program at The Living Room at Senior Friendship Centers’ Sarasota campus. The Caregiver Resource Center is a community collaboration bringing together agencies and businesses offering services and products to help caregivers through this challenging time.  For more information call 941.556.3270 or email 

The Living Rooms Adult Day Services

Looking for a safe place where your loved one can enjoy activities and social interaction while you have time to yourself? 
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Powerful Tools for Caregivers

Developed by Legacy Health System as an educational course to provide family caregivers with tools to increase their self confidence and healthy behaviors, Powerful Tools for Caregivers (PTC) is a national program providing caregivers with a wealth of  information  to: 

  • reduce personal stress, change negative self talk
  • communicate needs to others
  • deal with difficult emotions
  • cope with life challenges such as working through alternate housing options, safety issues and financial obligations.

Paula Falk, Director of Senior Friendship Centers Caregiver Resource Center in Sarasota; Phyllis Balliett, Caregiver Community Resource Manager; and Nancy Hobson, Director of Caregiver Services, are certified trainers for this highly interactive educational series, which is offered through the Caregiver Resource Centers in Sarasota and Venice. For details. including upcoming course schedules, call 941.556.3270 in Sarasota and North Sarasota County, call 941.584.0050 in Venice and South Sarasota County. 


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