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Wow!  We are finally having some bearable weather.  Actually, I’ve been a touch chilly coming out of the house these mornings and have had to use the heat to clear my windshield.  Of course, it’s also pitch dark out when I leave.  I’m not looking forward to setting the clock back an hour.  At least now it is starting to get light out by the time I get to work.

It’s strange how our outlook changes with age.  Ten years ago I was fearless and never worried about any evil lurking.  I felt I could hold my own in any situation.  Fast forward ten years and aging combined with so many atrocities happening in this old world of ours, leaves us a little more weary of our surroundings.  And, I definitely know I could not outrun a thief unless he had only one leg and dropped his crutches.  Well, actually, I’m not so sure he still couldn’t outrun me!

Aging changes so many things for all of us.  Life certainly becomes much different for all of us.  The recent news of another year with no increase in Social Security benefits came as a low blow for many.  There are so many seniors who have no other means of income. 

Take a senior receiving $700 per month (and, yes, we have a lot of seniors who do only have that or less for an income), do you realize that would equate in wages to $4.03 an hour?  That’s about half of the minimum wage.  If they retired 20 years ago, that may have been a livable amount then, but not with the price of living today. 

Our seniors deserve so much more in their “golden” years after spending a lifetime of hard work, contributing to their community, paying taxes, enduring wars and the great depressions, and paving the way for an easier life for the younger generations – and, now they face an uncertainty with no light at the end of the tunnel.  Many are living in poverty for the first time in their lives – too proud and humble to ask for help.

If you or someone you know is 60 years or older and would benefit from socializing with others their age and a nutritious noon meal, stop by our office and see how they can join our group of seniors enjoying the Friendship Center.

We are open from 10 am to 12:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  Each day we have different activities that the seniors can participate in if they so desire, but no one is forced to do anything they don’t want to.  Come and spend the time visiting – or be a people watcher. 

Our lunch menus are prepared by a Registered Dietician and meet one-third of the daily requirements for a person over 60.  We do have a choice of meals daily.  Enjoy our hot meal choice of the day, or choose the frozen alternative meal that will be heated for you.  Each meal comes with bread, milk, and a dessert.

Coming January first, we have a fantastic new menu planned – with three choices of the day.  If you’re not into a heavy, hot meal, don’t worry.  We’ll have just the thing for you in the new year – a third choice consisting of lighter fare, such as soup and sandwich or a salad meal.  More news on this exciting new menu will be coming in January.

But for the time being, join us for new friends, activities, and lunch.  The only requirement for joining us is being 60 or older.  Income is not an issue.  There is no fee to join.  Meals are by donation only – suggested donation is $3 per meal but no one is turned away due to inability to donate.

Stop by or give us a call at 863-494-5965 to make an appointment to sign up today.  

Remember, together we can make DeSoto County a caring place to grow old.

Karen Blanchette is Director of Senior Friendship Centers of DeSoto County and can be reached at 863-494-5965.

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