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Senior Friendship Centers Services

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

The Friendship Centers offers exciting opportunities to "feed your mind" through lifelong learning programs. They include: 

ROAD SCHOLAR Road Scholar is the program name of Elderhostel, Inc, the not-for-profit world leader in lifelong learning for adults ages 40+. The Friendship Centers School of Lifelong Learning Road Scholar programs offers opportunities for locals as well as people from throughout the world to learn about  and explore what makes this area an attraction for people throughout the world.

Among them: The Sarasota Opera, Asolo Theatre, Mote Marine, world class birding at local parks, baseball spring training and intergenerational programs for grandparents and grandchildren.  To learn more contact Program Director Lynne Anast at 941.556.3269, email  

To learn more about the Road Scholar Program and offerings click here,  and type Sarasota, FL in the top right advance search.  For our latest newsletter, click here. To view our Road Scholar commercial on WEDU, click here.

Pierian Spring Academy Courses

The Friendship Center in Sarasota also hosts classes by Pierian Spring Academy. Check their website: or call 941.716.2471 for more information.

Lifelong Learning Activities at Our Centers

Lifelong learning is  key to healthy aging, and our centers offer a full menu of opportunities. See the calendar at your location on this website for current classes, or see the current issue of Prime Times for a complete listing. From learning a new language to creative activities like painting, writing, woodcarving, ceramics or physical activities like yoga, Tai Chi, aerobics hula, and ballroom, salsa or tap dancing, you're sure to find stimulating activities to meet your interest. 

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