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» Health & Wellness Services

Balance Movement & Falls Prevention
Balance Movement classes, offered weekly in Sarasota County from Newtown to North Port, can help you strengthen your core muscles and build your sense of balance that is so important as we age. Learn the safest way in walking, how to safely get up out of a chair, and other exercises that will help with your balance and flexibility. Each class is open to the public for a nominal fee. Wear comfortable clothing and bring bottled water.
Centers for Healthy Aging Medical & Dental Clinics

The Centers for Healthy Aging Medical and Dental Clinics provide health care to adults age 50 and older in Sarasota, Collier and Lee Counties, who have limited incomes or are uninsured. Our clinics are staffed by retired and volunteer physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and health professionals who enjoy practicing for the sheer love of medicine.

Exercise & Fitness

One of the best things you can do to improve your health and outlook is to take part in a regular exercise program. Fitness classes are offered at nearly all of our locations.

Community Engagement

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