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Representative Doug Holder Honored with FCOA Advocacy Award

Representative Doug Holder of District 70 (Sarasota, FL) recently received the Florida Council on Aging Advocacy Award  for his commitment to Florida's seniors, caregivers, volunteers and service providers as demonstrated during the 2012 Legislative Session.FCOA President Robert Carter presented the plaque on behalf of FCOA, with the following statement:

"Representative Holder was an Aging Network Champion in the Florida House during the 2012 legislative session is recognized for working tireless to ensure the passage of Hour Bill 942, an act relating to Background Screening. 

Demonstrating a tenacity and personal commitment to the Aging Network following the Governor's veto of similar legislation passed during the 2011 legislative session, Representative Holder  and Senator Storms with with Aging Network advocates to reintroduce legislation to correct the unintended consequences of prior year legislation which negatively impacted seniors, caregivers, families and volunteers. Because of their tireless efforts through a contentious legislative session, complicated by legislative reapportionment, a budget shortfall for a sixth year in a row, and competing priorities, Representative Holder and Senator Storms successfully navigated their bills through multiple committee stops, stakeholder interests and ultimately to the Governor's desk where the final legislation was approved and signed.

Because of Representative Holder's efforts, volunteers who work less than 20 hours per month deliver meals or working our senior centers will not have to go the expensive and unnecessary FBI fingerprint background screening. In addition, caregivers who are family members will no loner be required to undergo and pay for the FBI background screening. And finally, redundant background screenings of service provider staff serving the elderly and disabled will no longer be required to be screened by multiple state agencies and pay duplicative background screening fees.

Representative Holder is a true champion for the aging and disabled, our volutneers, our caregivers and our dedicated service provider agencies and for that he deserves our sincerest thanks!"

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  • Representative Doug Holder Honored with FCOA Advocacy Award

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