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Archive for August, 2017

Patients in Venice Rediscover Good Health with Dr. Bette Boysen

Family practice physician Dr. Bette Boysen has a passion for medicine and compassion for her patients. “I enjoy patient care,” says Dr. Boysen, who ... continue reading

Vicki Smiles a Lot as a Volunteer and Participant at the Sarasota Friendship Center

Our award-winning senior centers in Sarasota and Venice are models for the rest of the country. These bustling activity centers are great places to ... continue reading

Lee County Dining Site is a Daily Reprieve for Participant Mary Jenkins

The Harlem Heights Community Center in Fort Myers is one of 10 dining and activity sites operated by the Lee County Friendship Centers. Participants ... continue reading

Caregiver Norm Walter Shares his Appreciation for the Adult Day Program at the Friendship Centers’ Caregiving Place

Norm Walter’s wife, Willie, was diagnosed with dementia. At first, he was unsure how to best help her during this phase of her life. ... continue reading

Friendship Challenge: Raise Your Hand to Help Older Adults

NOTICE: The Friendship Challenge has been postponed until Hurricane Irma has passed. We will reschedule the challenge and the Friday Parties very soon. In ... continue reading