My Journey

My Journey is an award winning program at Senior Friendship Centers that provides an opportunity to tell your life story in your own words, which are recorded and sent to you in an email. Research has found that reminiscing can be an important tool to improve the...

My Journey: Record your stories for future generations

Everyone’s journey is a story. Through the years, you’ve accumulated a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom. Now, thanks to My Journey, a new initiative being launched at the Friendship Centers in Sarasota, you can record and preserve your story, in your words, to share...
Just What the Doctor Ordered

Just What the Doctor Ordered

by Sandy Chase, SFC Volunteer Senior Friendship Centers is indebted to the medical and dental volunteers at the SFC Rubin Center for Healthy Aging (Sarasota) and Pat Buster Health Clinic (Venice). Supported by nurses, dental hygienists, pharmacists, administrative...

Creative Conversations

Seniors are curious about the world and eager to engage in current events. That’s why we offer discussion groups at Sarasota and Venice Friendship Centers.


Founded as the Senior Friendship Centers in 1973 by Brother William Geenen to help senior adults in Southwest Florida live with dignity and independence,

Lights of Friendship

Lights of Friendship

The holiday season brightens our lives. Christmas lights adorn trees and our community, glowing candles in a Hanukkah menorah brighten our homes, and the seven candles in a kinara (candle holder) celebrate Kwanzaa: African heritage, unity, and culture. Senior...
Run for the Roses

Run for the Roses

Heading to the Kentucky Derby Marilyn Belvoix is a fan of the longshot. In 2005, she put $50 on a horse at the Kentucky Derby with 50-1 odds…and won big. Belvoix, who is assistant manager of the Friendship Centers Activity Center in Sarasota, has attended the Derby...


The Friendship Centers is a happening place for senior adults in Southwest Florida. Our events are some of the most popular in the area.