Erin McLeod Friendship Centers

“We are also here to be the voice of those who are silent or ignored as they age, making sure their contributions throughout a lifetime are not forgotten but instead, respected and honored.”

Erin McLeod, President & CEO
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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is a diverse group of leaders who bring a variety of expertise, talents and experiences to the governance of the Friendship Centers and Senior Friendship Centers Foundation, Inc.

The work of the Board is done through regular bimonthly meetings. There are also committees making recommendations to the full Board for approval, and a leadership board for Collier County. Strategic issues regarding services and programs for the aging population of Southwest Florida, including philanthropy and organizational policy, are managed by the full Board.

The Board works in partnership with the chief executive officer and the staff to provide leadership, vision, and direction for the organization and to develop organizational strategy, building positive relationships with partner organizations, policymakers, media and others.

Executive Board

  • Frank Fleischer, Esq., Chair
  • Kevin Maisch, Immediate Past Chair
  • Tom Logio, MD, Vice Chairman – South
  • Patricia Courtois, Vice Chairman – North
  • Darrin Halsey, Treasurer
  • Michael Juceum, Esq., Secretary
  • Erin McLeod, President & Chief Executive Officer


  • Paul Caragiulo
  • Skip Cohen
  • Vicki Dworski
  • Wendy Fishman
  • Bob Harris
  • Michael Karp, Esq.
  • Jim Meister
  • Robert Nordland, MD
  • Kevin O’Neil, MD
  • Christine Schlesinger
  • Tyanna Denord
  • Kathy Silverberg
  • Harold Ronson (Emeritus)

Executive Team

  • Jane Gould, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer
  • Amanda Hinz, VP of Contract Services and VP, Lee County
  • Terry McGannon, Sr. Director of Programs