Artists who gathered yesterday morning around our creative table were invited to find inspiration with puzzles and in limitations.  What?!  Limitations!?  Yes, indeed.  It has been said that the absence of limitations is the enemy of art.  Inspired by that thought, the work of artist Piet Mondrian and colorful cut-out paper shapes, Joyce and I did our very best to encourage Anita, Alma, Dawn and Jeanne to freely express their individual personalities and artistic sensibilities by solving a visual puzzle (or two).

We kicked things off welcoming a new member to our group, Alma, by sharing our first names and a favorite activity.  Then after some gentle breaths, movements and sounds we were ready to sing the song, You Make Me Feel So Young.  Answers to the question of why puzzles can be fun and also so good for us (solving a mystery, being creative, thinking!) led to our first puzzle of the morning using one shape in two different colors on contrasting paper.

Artists then used a grid-like pattern pre-drawn on paper and triangle shapes to explore an infinite number of solutions to the free-style puzzle before them.  The “trick” was to figure out how to fit the cut-out paper pieces together. This creative process called for exploration with right and wrong turns and new directions. Using only primary colors of red, blue and yellow (along with black) for the triangles meant this puzzle-making process not only had its limitations but gave it a light-hearted quality reminiscent of artist Piet Mondrian’s work.

As you can see, it certainly was a puzzling (and fun-filled) morning for Jeanne, Alma, Dawn and Anita at Friendship Centers’ Adult Day Service on Tuesday.

Cynthia Bydlinski
Art + Health Facilitator Sarasota, FL