Norm Walter’s wife, Willie, was diagnosed with dementia. At first, he was unsure how to best help her during this phase of her life.

“For about three months I had in-home care, but I really hated it, they did nothing to engage her,” recalls Norm. “Then a friend of mine, a doctor who volunteers at the Friendship Centers’ health clinic, told me about the adult day program at The Caregiving Place in Sarasota. I picked up on it right away and was really impressed. Now she comes three days a week and it’s just perfect.”

Norm has a lot of confidence in the program. “The staff is sensational, warm, caring and professional,” he states. “My wife loves the activities, especially the art, since she’s always been into crafts – she even entered an art competition. She’s not sitting around all the time, she is involved. And it frees me up for the things that I enjoy, like tennis. It’s just a wonderful program; I don’t know what we would do without it.”

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