Tuesdays, the creative group at The Caregiving Place meets to have fun, share what we are comfortable sharing and place trust in our creative intuition. We’re here to tap into our imaginations in ways that seek to promote health, well-being and connection to one’s own self and to others.

This week, Willie, Anita, Linda, Jeanne and Mark were invited to set their own tone of peace for the upcoming holiday season. As this year comes to an end and the hectic holidays begin, our thoughts may turn to peace—for ourselves, our families, our friends, our communities, our country and world. Where do we feel most at peace? With whom? Doing what? And, what can we all do to bring peace into our lives and our world?

“Silence is prayer. Prayer is faith. Faith is love. Love is service. The fruit of service is peace.” – Mother Theresa

We began as we so often do by taking deep calming breaths. We then made a few gentle movements and sang the song, Blue Skies…nothin’ but blue skies smilin’ at me. Thoughts and feelings about peace were further prompted as we each chose a slip of paper with a message of peace written on it. After reading aloud these murmurs of peace, artists were asked to share a place in the world where they feel at peace. Home. In a garden. Surrounded by trees. Images of peace began to emerge from our circle’s creative voices.

With small cut-out paper doves of peace placed before them, Willie, Anita, Linda, Jeanne and Mark selected watercolors and painted their doves in ways that reflected peaceful feelings. These painted doves were then placed on larger watercolor paper. Inspired by all that had gone before, artists were asked to create scenes depicting where their doves—and they—might find peace in the world.
The hectic holidays will soon be upon us, so take this time to pause and ask yourself what can you do to bring peace into the world.

Then, do it.
Wishing everyone at SFC a very peaceful holiday season.