How to Volunteer

Greeting visitors with a warm smile and an ability to identify what interests them makes Sadie Burr a great ambassador at our Venice Friendship Center. “If I couldn’t work here, I’d be very upset,” she says.

How Do You Become a Volunteer at the Friendship Centers?

In Sarasota, Charlotte, DeSoto and Collier counties, the easiest way to become a volunteer is to print out, complete and return the Volunteer Application (link below). After the application has been received, you will have an opportunity to learn about current organizational needs and opportunities before selecting the area that most appeals to you.

The application will ask you to indicate which county you are interested in. Please note that Lee County is affiliated with the national organization, RSVP. All volunteer inquiries for Lee County should be directed to the RSVP coordinator at 239.236.8682. See the following section for contact information by county.

In Sarasota and Venice, we also offer monthly tours called Focus on Friendship. Click here for information on our Tours.

Are There Seasonal Volunteer Opportunities?

Yes. Some positions may require year-round volunteers. However, if you need to be absent for any reason — including illness, family needs, vacations or summer return to the North — we ask only that you give your supervisor as much notice as possible so that a replacement can be planned. Because many of our volunteers return to the North for the summer, your help is especially needed during the summer and fall months.

Volunteer Contacts by County

Sarasota County

For volunteer opportunities, contact:
Robert Rogers
Director of Community Outreach

Applications can also be picked up at the Sarasota or Venice Friendship Centers:

Sarasota Friendship Center
1888 Brother Geenen Way
Sarasota, FL 34236

Venice Friendship Center
2359 Scenic Drive
Venice, FL 34293

Charlotte County

For volunteer opportunities, call: 941.255.0723 or mail/drop off application to:
Volunteer Coordinator
Charlotte County Friendship Center
27420 Voyageur Drive
Harbour Heights/Punta Gorda, FL 33983

DeSoto County

For volunteer opportunities, call: 863.494.5965 or mail/drop off application to:
Volunteer Coordinator
DeSoto Friendship Center
219 West Oak Street
Arcadia, FL 34266

Lee County

For volunteer opportunities, contact the RSVP coordinator at 239.236.8682 or stop by:
Lee County Friendship Centers
5272 Summerlin Commons Way #604
Fort Myers, FL 33907

Collier County

For volunteer opportunities, call: 239.566.7425 or mail/drop off application to:
Senior Friendship Health Center
2355 Stanford Court
Naples, FL 34112