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Home Share Pilot Program Announces New Criteria for Home Sharers

We are excited to announce changes to this new pilot program, helping to match older homeowners in Sarasota with working professionals to create a private domestic arrangement to share a home. Home providers are people who have a home they are willing to share and who would benefit from extra income and/or companionship. Home seekers are working professionals who need affordable accommodations and are willing to pay a mutually agreed upon rent to share a home. Initially the program targeted young professionals looking to rent accommodations in Sarasota, but with the volume of requests from working adults aged 23 – 60, the program was revised to include professionals up to age 60. The generous benefactor who funded the pilot was on board to adjust the requirements to fit the needs of our community, and we are very excited to begin this new aspect of the program. Stay tuned for more information and stories about our first matches!

To learn more, contact Project Coordinator Evan Farrar at 941.556.3208.