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Reinvention Convention

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The Brain: This virtual conference assembles a superstar cast of experts to give us some practical help in navigating life’s challenges as we age.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kevin O’Neil, Chief Medical Officer of ALG Senior – “Cross Train Your Brain”

Brain Exercises: Kathryn Scott, BA, CDP, Supportive Services Coordinator, Aging Services JFCS

Speaker: Dr. William Nields, Chief Medical Officer of Cognitive Health Centers – “Optimizing Brain Function and Prevention of Cognitive Decline and Dementia”

Panel Discussion:
David Patterson, Clinic Administrator, Roskamp Institute
Dr. Kevin O’Neil, Chief Medical Officer of ALG Senior
Dr. William Nields, Chief Medical Officer of Cognitive Health Centers
Nicci Kobritz, President Youthful Aging Home Health
Danielle Valery, BS, CDP, Memory Disorder Clinic & First Physicians Post-Acute Services at Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Reinvention Convention 2021 Sponsors

Marie Curry Sponsor: Tidewell Foundation

Einstein Sponsor: JFCS
Einstein Sponsor: Plymouth Harbor
Einstein Sponsor: Senior Friendship Centers
Michelangelo Sponsor: Cognitive Health Centers

The Reinvention Convention:

A provocative series of discussions around aging
Co-founded by three well-known community organizations

Most people are aware that Sarasota County occupies a unique place among communities in the United States and around the world because of its demographics. However, while there is a large number of part and full-time residents over the age of 65 further uniquely the population is evenly split in thirds with one-third under the age of 35, one-third between 35-64, and that famous 65+ cohort. Because of that, the county is at the epicenter of a broad range of compelling age-related issues – all meaningful – that require care, attention and focus. It also is wonderfully age-balanced, with the human life cycle in community form.

The Mission

The Reinvention Convention is a provocative series of discussions around aging, designed to encourage thought leadership, change minds, and instigate action by providing a platform for discourse on compelling age-related issues.

Well-known Community Partners

Senior Friendship Centers, JFCS of the Suncoast and Plymouth Harbor represent a core consortium that have joined together to co-produce this 6-year series of conferences to discuss high-interest subjects. Each organization cares deeply about the issues impacting older adults and the community at large.

The Series

November 9, 2017      Disrupt Aging

November 9, 2018      Intergenerational Harmony

November 15, 2019   Life Creativity 

November 4, 2021     The Brain | Virtual Presentation

November 3, 2022     Relationships

November 2023        The Dress Rehearsal/Reframing Aging