“My yoga instructor adapts to each person’s capability and builds on that. She modifies the poses and it’s up to that person to do what they are comfortable with. It’s what I would call ‘client-centered’ yoga!”

Jennifer, Friendship Centers yoga student

Fitness Can Be Fun

Our activity centers are dedicated to making sure that older adults maintain strong bodies as they age. Balance movement classes are among our most popular offerings. Offered for different levels, the classes focus on how to improve balance, prevent falls, and develop strength, flexibility and agility. The instructor helps participants understand what to do if they fall, how to walk properly and to be aware of their surroundings. Many participants feel safer and more secure after taking our classes. Yoga is another popular offering with several classes a week for various levels, including chair yoga for those who cannot be on the floor. Other fitness classes include Silver Sneakers, Rhythm & Moves, Tai Chi, self-healing and Senior Friendly Aerobics. Dancing is one of the best forms of exercise, and we have plenty to choose from! Dancing to live music is offered four or five days a week at our centers, no partner necessary! In Sarasota we also have a fitness room with PACE exercise equipment and recumbent bicycles, available for a $10 monthly fee with doctor’s permission. Application forms are available outside the room. New fitness classes are offered all the time, so check out our activity calendars or the latest issue of Prime Times for current information.