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Sarasota’s healthcare safety net will be stronger than ever effective January 2, 2021. Senior Friendship Centers’ (SFC) medical/dental clinics in Sarasota and Venice will continue clinic services under new management, thanks to a strategic alliance with CenterPlace Health (CPH), a nonprofit partner in the healthcare safety net system.  

The goal of this partnership is to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to the community. This collaboration will eliminate duplicate services, ensure sustainability, and streamline operations. It will also save taxpayer dollars by reducing the use of more expensive healthcare through emergency room visits. 

The entire community will benefit from more locations and services, access to affordable medications, and increased opportunity for education. Best yet, CPH will continue to provide care for SFC patients while expanding services and accessibility for many others in need.

While SFC patients can choose any medical provider, CenterPlace Health offers many of the same services including dental services, and they hope to serve the SFC patients in the same clinics they’ve grown accustomed to over the years with SFC.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the expansion for CenterPlace Health in partnership with Senior Friendship Centers look like?

Starting Jan. 2, 2021, CenterPlace Health will expand its operations as it moves into the clinics  located on the Sarasota and Venice campuses of Senior Friendship Centers, offering seamless medical, dental, and mental/behavioral health care for persons of all ages.

How does the expansion affect Senior Friendship Center’s patients?

There are multiple benefits for SFC patients. First, year-round access to medical and dental care  will be provided on a discounted sliding fee schedule. Second, all patients qualify for special federal pricing for medications, which is a valuable benefit. Finally, patients will have expanded locations for seeing their provider. They may take advantage of CenterPlace Health’s services at either of the clinics located on the SFC campuses, or they can visit the other three CenterPlace Health locations throughout the County (North Port, Ringling location in downtown Sarasota, or their clinic located at Glasser-Schoenbaum Human Services Center). Patients may have their medical records transferred to any doctor and/or clinic of their choosing.

What services are offered by CenterPlace Health through this expansion?

CPH offers high quality primary medical care including gynecological services, behavioral health,  dental, and a select offering of other specialties. For a list of the services and to get started,
click here. 

What steps should SFC patients take now to ensure continued care?

SFC patients will need to contact the SFC medical and/or dental clinics at 941-556-3220 to be  informed about options available for continuation of care and begin the process of having medical records transferred to a new provider.  If you have scheduled appointments with SFC, call 941-556-3220 and confirm prior to December 31, 2020.   If interested in becoming a patient at CenterPlace Health, SFC patients can visit and call 941-529-0200 for more information.

Will SFC patients be able to continue receiving services from their current doctor?

Many of the doctors and dentists who have volunteered at SFC will continue to provide care  with CenterPlace Health.  For more information, call 941-529-0200.

Have fees increased due to the expansion?

CenterPlace Health accepts Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance plans. They also use  a discounted sliding fee schedule offering reduced rates to those who are eligible. Everyone is expected to pay something, but no one is turned away. SFC patients will need to apply for these reduced rates through CenterPlace Health.

How does the strategic alliance between CenterPlace Health and Senior Friendship Centers benefit the community?

The community will witness a nonprofit partnership that benefits everyone by strengthening the  healthcare safety net, providing expanded accessibility to healthcare, and saving taxpayer dollars by reducing the use of more expensive healthcare through emergency room visits.

How is CenterPlace Health managed and funded?

CenterPlace Health is a program of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the primary federal agency for improving health care to people who are geographically isolated and/or economically or medically vulnerable. 

As a Community Health Center (CHC), CenterPlace Health is a community-based health care provider that receives funds from HRSA to provide primary care services in underserved areas. They must meet stringent requirements, including providing care on a sliding fee scale based on ability to pay and having oversight by a patient-majority governing board.  

CenterPlace Health is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), a designation provided to qualifying ambulatory care clinics that provide care to underserved populations. The FQHC designation allows qualifying organizations the opportunity to receive enhanced reimbursement through Medicare and Medicaid. 

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