Health Clinics

Delivering life-saving medical care for those in need.

Medical & Dental Services

Senior Friendship Centers is a national pioneer in the delivery of health care to adults aged 50 and over. In Sarasota and Lee Counties, we are saving lives by providing medical and dental care to older adults who are uninsured or underinsured and meet financial eligibility criteria. Many of our patients come to us in crisis, having neglected their health due to ongoing financial constraints. We offer a lifeline with primary and specialty care, dental care and referrals for specialized services through a network of health care partners.

Over 70 percent of patients are uninsured and on a sliding fee scale. Even if our clients have insurance, many cannot afford their co-pays. At least 50 percent of our patients pay nothing for their care. For those who cannot pay, services are subsidized through our Uninsured Patient Fund, funded in part through generous donors. No one is refused medical care.

Our health clinics are staffed by retired and volunteer physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and health care professionals. In total, they see nearly 3,500 patients a year, which represents over 15,000 patient visits.

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