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Daisy Saunders

Daisy Saunders, 71, is a volunteer dance and fitness instructor at Senior Friendship Centers. She has a passion for fitness, healthy living, and lifelong learning.

In the first half of her life, she was a professional trainer, motivational speaker, writer, and business consultant. After 25 years, she sold the company and immediately began the process of redefining, reinventing, and regenerating herself for the next half of her life.
Today, fully ensconced in her encore career, she writes and speaks on positive aging and personal empowerment, using her own past experiences and things she has learned – up to this point. She writes on issues, concerns, and challenge that people, especially women 55 and older, face.

The theme of her life is, and has always been, personal empowerment. She is passionate about helping older adults transform their lives; view aging positively; enjoy life more fully; and lead a better quality of life in their later years. She firmly believes that in the 2nd half of life, we have an opportunity to “shape and mold” our life and make it whatever we want it to be.