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Mavis Powell

Mavis Powell is 90 years old and disabled. She’s had both hips, both knees, and a shoulder replaced. But that doesn’t stop Mavis! Born in Jamaica, she lived in England before moving to New Jersey in 1972. Mavis became a nurse and then moved to Punta Gorda where she continued her career of caring for others.

She lost her husband in 2002 and described her life as becoming very difficult, lonely and sad. Mavis also helps care for her son who is wheelchair-bound and lives with her as a result of a stroke. But still, Mavis presses onward with a smile.

A social butterfly, the pandemic has been especially hard on her. She loves people and looked forward to her days spent at Harbour Heights. Twice a week, Mavis boarded the bus and traveled to this Charlotte County dining site for a nutritious lunch, games, and catching up with friends.

Because of COVID-19, the dining room had to temporarily close, leaving Mavis hungry for more than just a meal, but for connections that help her combat isolation and loneliness. Thankfully, Senior Friendship Centers has a safety net of other resources for older adults like Mavis. She was paired with a case manager who got her signed up for home-delivered meals, delivery of fresh produce and dairy, and even light housekeeping.

Mavis can’t wait to get back to Senior Friendship Centers once her physical therapy is finished. “I know everyone there and they know me!” she says. “I’m grateful to have a place to go where I have friends to spend time with. It’s just wonderful.”